• 卡车司机表示,新的底盘凯时kb89手机版模式将降低成本


    Long Beach – Truckers and beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) could save almost 50 percent on daily rental fees for chassis if the industry would agree upon a common model that allowed the party paying for chassis use to choose the equipment provider, 据一位全国卡车运输代表说.

    戴夫·曼宁, 纳什维尔TCW卡车公司的总裁, 田纳西州, and incoming chairman of the American Trucking Associations, 说, 例如, that his cost for use of a chassis from the trucker-controlled North American Chassis Pool Cooperative, 曼宁是其中的主席, 是12-14美元一天吗. 然而, if a trucker is instructed by a shipping line to use a chassis from an intermodal equipment provider (IEP) it designates, as often happens when carriers are involved in the transaction, 每天的租金可以是20美元.

    “如果你为底盘付钱, 确保你可以选择你所选择的供应商,” Manning told the annual Agricultural Transportation Coalition conference Thursday in Long Beach.

    Probably the main obstacle standing in the way of a smooth chassis regime is the decision by most carriers to stay tangentially involved in equipment decisions for container moves they control through their ocean contracts with BCOs. 在这些举措, the shipping line includes the cost of the chassis in the all-in charge for ocean move plus delivery of the container to the customer’s door.

    在美国, there was basically one chassis mode from the beginning of containerization in the 1950s until 2009 – ocean carriers owned the chassis, 存放在海运码头, 和集装箱一起提供给BCOs. In 2009, Maersk Line announced its decision to exit the chassis business. 它成立了一家名为Direct ChassisLink Inc .的新公司. 拥有、维护和提供底盘给客户.

    Other carriers over the ensuing years began to pull out of the chassis business, 然后是3月1日, 2015, the three major IEPs in Los Angeles-Long Beach formed a neutral, 或“灰色”池池约80,000个可互操作的机箱, meaning a chassis can be picked up or dropped off at any location by users of the pool. Other pool arrangements have been formed over the years at different locations throughout the United States.

    卡车司机们普遍同意所有的模型, the grey chassis pool is the most versatile in the options it offers and the operational inconveniences it eliminates, 因此更可取的, 至少在满足他们的需求方面. “我们相信这就是答案,唐纳·莱姆说, 孟菲斯IMC公司执行副总裁.

    在现实中, 虽然, the gradual exit of about 20 ocean carriers from the chassis business since 2009 has not gone smoothly. 各地区的安排各不相同, and chassis shortages and surpluses occur too frequently in major harbor complexes. 卡车司机抱怨国家车队, 莱姆估计它的平均年龄是19岁, 有太多不安全或损坏的底盘. “这事一团糟,”她说.

    现行制度的问题, 从卡车司机的角度来看, is that for moves controlled by a particular shipping lines, 卡车司机 must use only the chassis owned by the equipment provider with which that shipping line has a business relationship. That equipment works against 卡车司机 that own or lease their own chassis, 哪个在行业中越来越受欢迎. 在另一个常见场景中, the shipping line instructs the trucker to use a particular IEP-owned chassis, but the terminal where the inbound load is located may not have that IEP’s chassis on hand, so the trucker has to go to another site to retrieve an acceptable chassis, 有时没有补偿.

    Manning 说 another residual impact to 卡车司机 is that each carrier has a business arrangement with an IEP that provides the shipping line with a discounted price for the door moves that it controls. 以弥补损失的收入, the IEPs increase the price of other chassis that are used in “merchant haulage” in which the BCO controls the move. “The shipping lines continue to increase their merchant haulage rates,” he 说.

    There is no single solution to this condition as long as ocean carriers choose to remain at least partially in the chassis business, but Manning advised 卡车司机 to begin by approaching the carriers directly and explaining the inconveniences and extra costs their policies are creating. He 说 that in many instances carriers will respond with an acceptable arrangement.

    如果这不起作用, 卡车司机, 可能是通过他们的联系, can approach the Federal Maritime Commission or the Department of Justice. Manning 说 Congress may also be interested in the issue as it reviews the Shipping Act. Truckers can also tell their story publically to the press, or, if needed, consider lawsuits.

    In Southern California, another strategy is being considered. 韦斯顿LaBar, 港口卡车运输协会的执行理事, 说 the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are actively exploring the feasibility of encouraging the removal of chassis from marine terminals, 哪一种方法可以腾出更多的土地来进行货物装卸. This could happen if the ports are able to locate enough parcels in the massive port complex for establishment of common chassis storage depots. If enough suitable properties can be repurposed for these start-stop operations, sufficient chassis from all of the IEPs in the pool of pools could be made accessible for 卡车司机 within the general harbor area.

    发布: 2017年6月12日